On May 1, I wrote about the case of our client, who was brought to administrative responsibility for the failure to ensure the return of currency from abroad, the client tried to justify himself first in a dispute with National  Bank then, in the court of first instance with the involvement of a lawyer, and finally, in the appeal with our participation. And, yesterday in the appellate court of the court of Nur-Sultan we managed to relieve the client from most of the burden of the fine which is 3,200,000 tenge. The court, with reluctance, heeded the argument that the refund from abroad was beyond the control and capabilities of the accused and that the client had no intention of withdrawing capital from Kazakhstan.  In general, it turned out well, the client is overjoyed, since he has already prepared 5 million to pay the fine, but it’s better that such cases do not lead to appeals.  The higher the authority, the more fiercely the protection of state interests is carried out in the form of encouraging replenishment of the budget in such a way, at the expense of those who are at fault (doubted).  Although, I personally believe that the interests of the state on the contrary suffer from such assertive protection.

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