Some of our cases:

Case №1
Company`s lawyers successfully completed the legal services to LLP K. As the result of the dispute resolution, the court approved the settlement agreement, and the defendant performed the payment on time. The dispute is about: LLP K. completed the delivery of construction equipment to the LLP R. in the terms provided by agreement between them. LLP R. advanced the delivery of the goods, but the remaining amount of 44 million tenge was not paid within 12 months . As a measure of ensuring the execution of the award the valuable property of R. LLP were confiscated and transferred for storage. Thanks to a normatively grounded position in the case, a strong evidence base formed by the company's lawyers, the respondent, R. LLP, pledged to pay the claimant, K. LLP, part of the damages in cash, and the rest through compensation. To date, the terms of the settlement agreement are executed in full.
Case №2
The lawyers of “Excelsior” Legal Company achieved the rejection of the plaintiff's claims, SP S. (resident of West-Kazakhstan region) for the recovery of lost profits in the amount of 8 million tenge under the supply agreement of agricultural machinery. The court accepted our arguments that the delay in delivery of combines was made through no fault of our client LLP C. and the amount of damages did not correspond to reality. The appellate court upheld the decision of the court of first instance, and dismissed the appeal of SP S.
Case №3
The lawyers of “Excelsior” Legal Company has successfully defended the interests of our client LLP K. (resident of Karaganda), whose rights have been violated as the result of a road traffic accident committed by an employee of LLP B. The material damage amounted to 15.000 USD. The expert examination showed that the corrective maintenance of the car was not economically unviable. The insurance company covered the losses in the amount of 6,000 USD, the losses as the difference between the insurance company compensation and the market value of the car were recovered on a full scale from the person who had damaged as well as his employer. The enforcement proceeding stopped because of execution of the decision by the debtor.
Case №4
The lawyers of “Excelsior” Legal Company has successfully recovered the debt in the amount of 12 million. tenge from LLP A. in favor of our client LLP B., as a result of default in the performance of their obligations to return the object of the loan under the Loan Agreement.
Case №5
Our company protected the interests of our client, LLP A. (resident of Akmola region.) in recovery of the amount of lost revenue amounting to more than 20 million tenge. During the proceeding we were able to prove that the services to the debtor of LLP A. were rendered on a full scale, and as a result, the amounts of lost profit were recovered, despite the absence of a properly concluded services agreement and the argumentativeness of amount of lost profit. This time, all measures to encourage the debtor to immediately pay off their debt have been taken.
Case №6
The lawyers of “Excelsior” Legal Company has successfully represented the interests of LLP A. (resident of Almaty) in recovery of debt receivable, formed as a result of the outstanding supply of agricultural goods in the amount of 10 million tenge, the amount of exchange differences resulting from changes of exchange rate between the United States dollar and KZT in the amount of 2,853,000 tenge, the penalties in the amount of 1.93 million tenge. Complexity of the case was the fact that the representatives of the debtor sued the counter claim for recovery of the amount of lost profits, and its amount exceeded the amount of the receivable. Counter-claims arose out of the fact that LLP A. had done a poor quality services to the debtor (in his opinion) and they have lost the expected income from the sale of their products. The court dismissed the counter-claim.
Case №7
The company's lawyers have successfully defended the rights of our client SP A., which were prejudiced resulting from improper performance of covenanter’s obligations under the warranty maintenance of the building mobile crane. Covenanter delayed the fulfillment of obligations under the warranty repair of the crane, and due to the fact that for a long time the crane remained in a state of impossibility of its proper operation, SP A. was damaged in the form of lost revenue from the sale of construction services to the third parties. The result is that the damages in the amount of 4.5 million tenge were recovered. The court's decision is in the execution process.

Some court decisions:

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Decision 2

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