For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

For Individuals

Legal services for foreign companies and citizens!

– consulting on investment legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for foreign investors
– obtaining status of investor, large investor
– obtaining of licenses and quotas in subsoil layer use sphere
– obtaining rights of private property or land use in terms of land for foreign investors
– representation of foreign legal entities in Kazakhstan (not only as lawyers, but also as partners)
– getting into force foreign courts and arbitrages decisions and awards in Kazakhstan
– collecting debts from local debtors for the benefit of foreign suppliers
– imposition of arrests, withdrawal of pledges, search for property, determination of the level of solvency, identification of debtors of your debtor, hold guarantors of your debtors liable through the courts

– rehabilitation, liquidation and bankruptcy of companies
– registration of legal entities with foreign participation;
– registration of foreign legal entities branches in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– visa support for all categories of visas
– obtaining and renewing all types of work permits
– registration of foreign citizens in the migration service authorities
– legal support in getting a residence permit for foreigners;
– legal consulting;
– English translator and interpreter service.