Initial legal consultation is FREE of charge
The cost of a one-time legal service is discussed personally and established in accordance with the agreements with the client. The cost of legal outsourcing is listed below.

Outsourcing legal services allows you to get professional advice, high-quality contracts, well-thought local regulations without the need to hire lawyers for every necessary activity.

In addition, outsourcing legal services and business support are the opportunity to save money on hiring qualified lawyers in all areas of your work.

“Excelsior” company`s lawyers within the framework of legal subscriber services for legal entities will protect your business in all aspects within a single outsourcing contract for outsourcing legal services, as we have experts in all areas of law, including tax and labor disputes, corporate and civil law, development of contracts, claim work, development of local regulations and so on.

The cost of outsourcing legal services of the business – is 75,000 tenge with minimum package of services, 150,000 tenge with average package and 300,000 unlimited.

We offer you a standard work plan for subscriber legal services of the organization, which can be adjusted to suit your individual situation:

  • Consultation (on all matters of civil, labor, family, housing, corporate, land and other rights) written and oral
  • Advising on the protection of client interests in the courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Legal analysis of documents (contracts, claims, petitions, requests, orders, etc.) and the provision of written opinions
  • Development of local legal documents of the company
  • Development of contracts and other documents accompanying the company’s activities
  • Representation of interests in state authorities
  • Legal due diligence of documents and company activities
  • Development of an optimal scheme of cooperation with agents and counterparties
  • Informing about changes in legislation
  • Provision of legal acts of the current legislation
  • Drawing up reports of general meetings
  • Claim management, etc.

Also, it is possible to cooperate as your need for our services arises, it can be obtaining licenses, residence permits, permits, development of contracts, pre-trial settlement of conflicts, representation of your interests in courts, work on enforcement proceedings with bailiffs, recovery of receivables, registration of intellectual property rights to intellectual property objects, consultations on a wide range of issues of law enforcement and legislation, registration of legal entities. entities and individual entrepreneurs, etc. The price of the agreement – in any case, it will be the best ratio of price and quality in the city of Nur-Sultan.

Given the youth of our law. companies and the desire to provide good discounts to customers you can get a very inexpensive legal service to your organization with a quality that can exceed your expectations.
Outsourcing of legal services is cheaper and very often more effective or more expedient than the services of internal lawyers.

We will be glad to see You among our Clients!


75 000 kzt
  • • consulting support within 1 calendar month (no more than 3 written consultations)
  • • development of 3 civil law contracts per month
  • • drawing up 2 claims in the framework of pre-trial settlement of a dispute
  • This rate is recommended for companies that need a small amount of legal services
150 000 kzt
  • • consulting support within 1 calendar month (no more than 7 written consultations)
  • • development of no more than 7 civil law contracts per month
  • • drawing up no more than 7 claims in the framework of pre-trial settlement of a dispute
300 000 kzt
  • Includes an unlimited number of oral and written consultations, the development of documents of the organization, the maintenance of no more than 1 (one) simple case in court.


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