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Services to business (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs)

Legal support of transactions, services to individuals

Bankruptcy, rehabilitation, liquidation

Registration, re-registration, liquidation of LLP and branches

Courts and arbitrations

Land Issues

Agricultural disputes

Foreign economic activity, legal outsourcing

About us

Dear clients, colleagues and partners!

Legal company “Excelsior” is happy to welcome you on its website.
“Excelsior” Legal Company has been indispensable and reliable partner in dealing with legal
issues of any complexity.
Our company is focused on legal entities and private persons, their subscription services or one
– time services.
Our team of highly experienced and qualified lawyers has an extensive legal practice. Our
lawyers were among the leaders of legal departments of international companies in Almaty and
Astana. Every lawyer in our team has unique extensive legal practice and high qualification
supported by long-lasting professional preparation, which allows you to get the guaranteed result
from any action beginning draw up of agreements and ending with protection your right in
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For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

For Individuals

Legal services for foreign companies and citizens!

– consulting on investment legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for foreign investors
– obtaining status of investor, large investor
– obtaining of licenses and quotas in subsoil layer use sphere
– obtaining rights of private property or land use in terms of land for foreign investors
– representation of foreign legal entities in Kazakhstan (not only as lawyers, but also as partners)
– getting into force foreign courts and arbitrages decisions and awards in Kazakhstan
– collecting debts from local debtors for the benefit of foreign suppliers
– imposition of arrests, withdrawal of pledges, search for property, determination of the level of solvency, identification of debtors of your debtor, hold guarantors of your debtors liable through the courts

– rehabilitation, liquidation and bankruptcy of companies
– registration of legal entities with foreign participation;
– registration of foreign legal entities branches in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– visa support for all categories of visas
– obtaining and renewing all types of work permits
– registration of foreign citizens in the migration service authorities
– legal support in getting a residence permit for foreigners;
– legal consulting;
– English translator and interpreter service.

A little bit about the benefits of working with us

1 years
Successful legal practice
80 %
Won cases in courts
50 m $
Sued in favor of our clients

Work "turnkey"

As we agree, so it will be. You don’t have time to do this on your own. Trust us to do all the legal work.

Responsible approach

We know how important the result is for you. Working with us – be calm!


Your question will be answered by a professional lawyer with extensive experience in the relevant field of law.

Free consultation

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Tariff plans

  • • consulting support within 1 calendar month (no more than 3 written consultations)
  • • development of 3 civil law contracts per month
  • • drawing up 2 claims in the framework of pre-trial settlement of a dispute
  • This rate is recommended for companies that need a small amount of legal services
  • • consulting support within 1 calendar month (no more than 7 written consultations)
  • • development of no more than 7 civil law contracts per month
  • • drawing up no more than 7 claims in the framework of pre-trial settlement of a dispute
  • Includes an unlimited number of oral and written consultations, the development of documents of the organization, the maintenance of no more than 1 (one) simple case in court

What are we working for?

Our team makes our clients` life more comfortable and safe and save their time and money. We effectively and with high quality solve the tasks and offer most optimal variants for your goals achievements. Here we are – Successful and Reliable team with unique experience who works honestly and diligently.
The best way to predict your future is to create it. Come to us, hire us and we will help you with this!
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