Now I will express unpopular, against the general background critics of the authorities, thoughts, but guys, we must be objective and not only find fault, but also note positive things – Now I’m working with Russia for my clients, and I begin to appreciate the reforms that our government carried out in the sphere of the establishment of legal entities, the opening of branches of legal entities with foreign participation and foreign legal entities, in Russia there are a lot of illogical unwritten restrictions in the field I mentioned above, it is virtually impossible to register a branch of a foreign company without significant efforts and I am afraid, significant funds, even if this company is from country – partner in Eurasian Union.

In addition, there are many legally enshrined hooks – requirements that encourage endless notary spending, as example this one – a notarized consent to engage in business activities in the territory of the Russian Federation with a cost of 3,000–4,000,000 rubles. Penalties are also appropriate, for the lack of the official location – the suspension of account transactions and up to the recognition of the registration of the company as invalid. Although, it seems that official rhetoric is concentrated, among other things, on calls for investment, in general, it is not clear, apparently the anti-sanctional turbulence is shaking the neighbor.

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