Our law firm was addressed by real estate office, which was played trick upon by  both the seller and the buyer of an elite property. Realtors entered into an exclusive contract for the selection of a buyer with the seller, and a contract for the provision of services with the buyer, the buyer purchased the object, and together with the seller concealed this transaction from the realtor office. Everything is as usual)). I look and think, nothing changes with us in terms of civil-law society, in terms of climb and achievement of a certain level of culture of business relations.   Now, people began to go to rallies, they began to realize their responsibility for what is happening in the country and for the further development of events. It is perfect. But the same small percentage of people  are  aware of  responsibility to their counterparts  that is  before the people with whom they do business and with who  they enter into other commercial relations. Or am I wrong, and this real estate business is lagging behind the demands of society and got stuck in the 90-s with its clumsy approaches and therefore faces such disregard for its work? We got down to business, it is necessary to eliminate injustice, although of course it will not be easy.

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