To the holiday !!! Victory Day unites us all – the poor and the rich, old and young, Muslims and Christians, capitalists and socialists, democrats and authoritarians, vegetarians and meat eaters, people of different nationalities, political views and cultural preferences. It can divide only normal people and pro-fascist-minded creatures. No matter how much chatter and bluster coming from groups lobbying for different interests we can see  today – about the mistakes of leaders, about the possibility of evading that war, about protecting a foreign land, about the dominant role of one people, etc., the fact remains, our ancestors together, regardless of any differences, defended their country. It was one Soviet people against fascist Europe. There were no Russians, Georgians, Ukrainians, Moldovans, Kazakhs, etc. There were Soviet warriors tearing apart, German and other euro fascists rats, for their homeland. If there would be Russians, Georgians, Moldovans, Kazakhs, etc. – the war would be lost. It was a fight, a soulless machine, inspired by a misanthropic ideology with a united, young, just formed people who believed, even if someone would say wrongly, in a bright future. These people, our ancestors, are not to blame for the fact that their descendants were stupid and squandered their heritage.

Now, of course, everything is different, but remembering the great past and striving for unity in the family, in the country, with the neighbors is not just right, it is a manifestation of sanity and a guarantee of economic prosperity. Congrats with May 9! To all, victories and unity!

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